Hey ProfitFarmers,

What is the Open Order and Order History section for?

Whenever you create an order, either by following a signal or through the manual trading terminal, it will be reflected in the open orders and order history section.  

If you want to know what happened to your trades, then this is the place to go.

Where can I find it?

On your ProfitFarmers Dashboard, simply click 'Open Orders and Order History' in the tools section. Click on the trade so that you'll be able to see all of its details.

Open orders

The open orders consist of 7 columns.

ORDER NAME - Shows the coin pair and the Order ID

TYPE - this shows the type of orders queued up.

VOLUME - The number of coins allocated for the trade.

PRICE - This indicates the current price of the coin when the condition took place.

CONDITION - This shows your trigger conditions (a.k.a. entry price, targets, and stop-loss price). 

OPEN DATE - This is the date of your open trade and it is based on your local time.

EXPIRY - This shows you when the order will expire.

When will orders move from the Open Order Section to the Order History?


If the coin price meets the entry, target, or stop-loss price you've set and the order has been successfully executed, it will move to the order history section.


Here's an example:


When the coin price met with the entry price (1.59) for one of our trades and as a result, the entry price order moved from the open orders to the order history section.



Related 'pending' orders will have their status changed to 'open'.


What does the Force enter order (green) button do,  Force exit order (yellow) button do, and Cancel order (red) do?

Force enter order (Green)

This will allow you to enter the trade using the market buy order. This will automatically buy the coins at a market price based on the allocated amount.


Force exit order (Yellow)

This will close the order at market price by placing a Market sell order on an exchange and will automatically sell the coins at a market price based on the allocated amount. 

Cancel Order (Red)

This will cancel all the orders that have been open and pending on your trade.

Order History

Once your order goes through, it will go to the order history section of the dashboard. Similar to the open order section, it has 7 columns that mostly serve the same function as the ones in the Open order except that the Open Date is now renamed to Closed Date and will show when the order closed.

Where can I find my entry price, target price, and stop-loss price?


You can find them under the conditions section.

Entry price 

Stop:lte -  (price)

Target Price/s 

Stop: (T1 price), (T2 price), (T3 price), (T4 price)

Vol: (x% of coins sold at T1), (x% of coins sold at T2), (x% of coins sold at T3), (x% of coins sold at T4)

Stop-loss price 

Stop: (price) 

Breakeven : (true/ false)



How will I know if the system sold my coins on target?

Under open orders or order history, check the conditions of your trade to see if it registered a ‘HIT’ and if it does, the system successfully sold the coins at that price.

How will I know if the trade has closed?

Under the trade’s ‘COMMENT’ section look for either the ‘Cancelled auto’  or ‘Manually canceled’ comment.

Canceled auto

This usually means that the trade had automatically been closed due to hitting stop loss or target 4. 

Manually Cancelled


This message will appear if you’ve closed the trade manually through the open orders section.

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