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The open order and order history is your go-to place if want to know what had happened to your trade. In this article, we’ll give provide a brief overview of each part along with common misconceptions about your open order and order history.

Where can you find the Manual Trading Terminal's Open Order and Order History?

On your dashboard, simply click 'Trade Manually' and it will redirect you to the manual trading terminal

Legend: Open orders and order history

  1. TYPE - this shows the order IDcoin pair and PnL

  2. STATUS - Show your order’s status

  3. VOLUME - The number of coins allocated for the trade.

  4. PRICE - This indicates the current price of the coin when the condition took place.

  5. CONDITION - This shows your trigger conditions (a.k.a. entry pricetargets, and stop-loss price). 

  6. COMMENT - This will show you what happened to the trade at a particular condition

  7. DATE - This is the date of your open trade and it is based on your local time.

  8. ACTION - Here, you can pause your order, force exit the order, or cancel your trade.

  9. NOTES - Additional information from the system

Common misconceptions about the open order and order history

Profit and Loss (PnL) is 100% accurate (wrong!)

The PnL shown is based on Trailing Crypto’s system and is somewhat accurate. There is a chance for error, but the difference is usually very small - somewhere around 0.1- 0.2%.  

Another way you can see your PnL is within Binance. Check out this helpdesk article for more information.

Price reflects my Entry price (wrong!)

PRICE does not reflect your entry price. ‘Entry’ only refers to the price of the coin when you set the order. Your entry price can be found under the CONDITION section. Conditions (or triggers) represent the price at which the action (buy or sell) will be taken/

Where can I find my entry price, target price and stop-loss price?

This is how it will look like in the Manual trading terminal: 

1. Entry price 

Stop:lte -  (price)

2. Target Price/s 

Stop: (T1 price), (T2 price), (T3 price), (T4 price)

Vol: (x% of coins sold at T1), (x% of coins sold at T2), (x% of coins sold at T3), (x% of coins sold at T4)

3. Stop-loss price 

Stop: (price) 

Breakeven : (true/ false)

How will I know if the system sold my coins on target?

Under open orders or order history, check the conditions of your trade to if it registered a ‘HIT’ and if it does, the system successfully sold the coins at that price.

Common messages in the ‘COMMENT’ section and their meaning

1. Cancelled auto

When this happens, it means that the trade has been automatically closed due to the price hitting stop loss or target 4. 

2. Manually Cancelled

This message will appear if you’ve closed the trade manually through the open orders section.

3. Binance account has insufficient balance

In many cases, this error means that the system is attempting to sell coins that no longer exist.

This can occur if you had sold the coins via the closed early notification on your dashboard but forgot to cancel the trade in your open orders. 

What happens is the system will attempt to sell the coins 3 times. Don’t worry, if it fails after the third attempt, it will automatically cancel the order.