Have you used our quick trade feature yet? It's this very handy tool which you can find at the right side of your dashboard.

One of its major function is to make trading Bitcoin to US Dollar Tethered (and vice versa) faster and more efficient.

You can see the amount of either USDT or BTC that's in your wallet on the top right corner, as well as the current BID and ASK price. 

How do you use it?

Simply input the amount of BTC or USDT you want to trade (the system will display it for you in real time) , press Confirm Order, and you will see a notification that says the trade has been successful. 

One more important benefit of having access to a quick trade is that you can easily swap your BTC into USDT when you go to sleep at night and not worry about market volatility (since the crypto market is 24/7).

 When you wake up and feel good about Bitcoin, you can then easily trade your USDT back to BTC with a click of a button to get in on the action. Just remember that each trade will incur a fee from Binance as usual (standard is 0.1%) so don’t spam the quick trade!

Remember: Your money, your choice, your responsibility.