Hey there ProfitFarmer!

Here at ProfitFarmers we advocate trading responsibly. There is no point making great profits if you are going to take risks that mean you eventually lose them back to the marketplace. Here are some key things to remember:

Use risk management

In simple terms, this means you should think carefully about how much of your total trading funds you are using on each trade and ensure you always use the stop loss feature. You can read more about this in this basic guide. Be prepared to lose some trades, this is an inevitable part of the process!

Leave your emotions at the door

Here at ProfitFarmers we have gone to great lengths to help remove you from the 'trading' by automating most of the process. This is for your convenience but also because emotions are the enemy of profitable traders. If you are upset or off balance you are far more likely to make bad choices in the middle of a trade. Keep it simple, follow your plan and when it comes to following signals...Set it and forget it.

You are responsible for your trades and no one else

It is important for you to remember that ultimately only you are responsible for the trading choices you make. As per the 'Terms of Use' our signals should be seen as 'ideas' only. Never use money you cannot afford to lose and make sure that you regularly 'bank' your profits!

Trade Errors, Bugs, Failed Orders, etc

There may be times where trades will fail to perform as intended due to user error, fast price movements or other unexpected issues. We urge you to remain vigilant when you are trading, especially with larger amounts of money. You can check that your orders are working correctly inside Binance or TrailingCrypto more directly. We are not responsible for lost funds due to technical trade order issues as these are happening on your exchange platform (Binance). We suggest you take the time to become familiar with your exchange and also TrailingCrypto.

If ever you need to look into why a particular issue stopped your trade, you can get in touch with TrailingCrypto support in our dedicated Telegram channel, read more about that here!

Remember: Your money, your choice, your responsibility.