This is our step by step guide on how you can connect your Binance Account to ProfitFarmers:

Here's a written version on how to Connect Your Binance Account to ProfitFarmers

Before proceeding with this guide, make sure that you have created and verified your Binance account. If you haven’t done this yet, here’s a link on how to open a Binance account.

Now that you have your Binance account, it’s time to connect it to ProfitFarmers:

  1. In your Binance dashboard, go to your account and click “API Management”.

  1. Add a label so that it’s easy for you to find your API in the future.

  1. Click Create. A pop-up message will appear where you need to enter your two-factor authentication code.

  1. Once you receive an email to confirm your request, click on the link and it will redirect you to the API page.

  1. Copy your API and Security Keys. Then, go back to your ProfitFarmers dashboard and click on the Profile Settings located at the left side panel.

  1. Click on the Auto-Trade tab and select Allow.

  1. Enter your API and Secret Key.

  1. Copy the IP address under the IP Whitelisting then go back to your Binance API page.

  1. Click Edit Restrictions. 

  1. Click Restrict Access to Trusted IPs only then paste the IP address you copied from your ProfitFarmers account. 

Note: Make sure that the ‘Enable Withdrawals’ feature is disabled.

  1. Click Save then enter the two-factor authentication code. Go back to ProfitFarmers and hit Save and Continue. 

Next, you have to create and connect your Binance Futures API so you can trade our futures signals. Heres our guide on how to do that: How to create and connect futures API.

You’re all set! Now you’re ready to follow your first trading signal!